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Lenovo N70 wireless mouse a mouse can be rotated 180 °

  • Author:Candy
  • Release on :2014-12-21

I believe we now use the mouse to look basically the same, nothing new, especially the younger generation like freshness, for static mouse design, a serious lack of freshness. Candy Today brings good news, can be rotated 180 ° mouse coming! ! ! ! ! Sportsman-type woman who Gospel ^ _ ^





Link mode


Optical resolution





Off: 92 * 57 * 31mm
Turned: 98 * 57 * 23mm

Operating system

windows 2000 / XP / Vista
windows7 windows8



1. Lenovo N70 wireless mouse with rotation symmetrical design, in terms of grip on the mouse, are small to medium.

  Most people can easily grasp. Mouse lightweight, long-term use is not easy to feel tired.

2. Key mechanical life superior quality and battery life> 1 million times, acted through 5000V high voltage testing, strict quality assurance,

  Cable tensile 5KG

3. Unique design deformation can twist the tail flipped 180 °, into a S-type. In the automatic rotation while the mouse is in the closed state,

 So when you can not power, this product is two longest battery usage time up to 1 year.

4.1200DPI optical resolution, high laser positioning technology to accurately capture every point, resolution up to 1200DPI, can in most

 Media surface to move freely, and without cleaning and maintenance.

5. Built-in USB receiver storage compartment, perfect for storing the receiver when not in use, do not worry about the receiver and the mouse is not stored properly lost.


So creative, so cool, so unique design, with a beloved notebook, accompanied by this association N70 mouse, in a quiet cafe, at the client company, or in the demonstration stage, where the need to use a computer I believe that this mouse will give you a distinctive look, perhaps because of a little mouse, you'll get a different surprise.


If you are a computer parts retailer, this product is placed in the display cabinets, or retail shop, can bring you more customers.


Like this product? If you like it, contact our sales quickly and it currently has little stockpile, sold out that no, optimistic about the market in the not hesitate, quickly do it, do not miss the opportunity.